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February 12, 2014

Welcome to the Party!!  

Sorry this was late getting posted but it has just been one of those weeks!  Thinking of the title of this hop and what to write about I thought I would touch on LOVE (the real kind). I like many folks made a mistake in my early years and jumped into marriage with someone I "loved". Several years of spending nights alone, working two jobs because he could not hold down one and I said enough. Now in reflection I know it was not what happened between us that ended that marriage but what didn't. I can say that now because I truly understand what it feels like to LOVE and be LOVED.

The first round, something was lacking. It was that feeling of warmth that runs your spine when that special someone walks into the room or says your name. There wasn't that feeling of absolute trust and belief, or the contentment to simply cuddle on the couch doing nothing at all. No smiles for no particular reason or kisses on the forehead.

In those days I lost who and what I was trying to be someone who my less than significant other would love. Now I understand that real LOVE is accepting someone (faults and all) for who they are and all that they become.

In retrospect what was there the first time was not LOVE but what I in my youth thought it was suppose to be. I do not regret a single thing good or bad) from that time period in my life because not only did it give me my wonderful daughter but it taught me what love and life was not. It (like every ones life story)molded me into the person I currently am and showed me how truly precious real LOVE is. I have found my heart and soul in my Husband Kenny and he has taught me LOVE is a living, breathing thing that like all life requires nurturing to survive.



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So tell me it there one event in your life that gave you the best lesson on LOVE?




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hope there is alot of romance in this...

No; can't think of anything

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Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for the book suggestions--they are all going on my TBR list and at 99 cents each, I can buy them all!!!

Zombies for Valentine's- It's a new trend, and I'm not sure how to handle it. I first received some Zombie love during the Coffin Hop last year, and I'm still recovering. LOL.