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Next Story in the Crimson Wolfsbane series off to the Editor!

August 29, 2015

Well I just hit submit on the latest story (number 3) in the Crimson Series, Crimson Decree set for release in October!  So where better to release the blurb???? Right Here of Course!!.... So without further chatter....

Detective Alex Raynes is a smart, strong woman who knows that somethings that we call myth have a habit of walking around in spite of our human denials. When a rash of grisly murders leave a path of blood through the city, the public and other officers think they have a cold blooded serial killer on their hands. But Alex knows something else is roaming the streets and after dropping one of the monsters in the act she is none too happy that a small band of government type show up to take the case out of her hands. One look at the muscular leader of the trio tells her that they are not exactly what they seem and he might just take more than her case.

Haydon McCoy is part of a unique group, a specialized and secret division of the government, which has been called in when the victims of what appeared to be some sadistic rape accompanied by animal attack began popping up in the city’s east side. For the news and police departments it meant a crazed rapist who killed his victim following the assault by utilizing what they suspected to be a large k9. Of course he and the rest of his team knew better, it takes a werewolf to know one. Of course this case comes with a rather unexpected complication, Alex Raynes. One look at the sexy police detective whose been working the case has him thinking about more than just taking down the bad guys, he’s thinking she may just be the one female that can tame the beast inside him.


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