J.L. Oiler

Paranormal, Romance, SciFy and Horror Short Story Author

New Release!

August 12, 2015

My latest Release has hit the ground running and is available now!

Where the Werewolves Roam

Rory, aka Rordelia Bastian, had moved to the land of pine trees, cold winters, and moose to escape the looks of pity and hushed whispers facing her at every corner in her former home town, the result of an engagement that ended in an explosion that is likely still the talk of the town.

Levi Black is the Alpha for the pack that calls Wolf's pass home.With war on the horizon and distain in his own ranks  he has not really had time to find a mate, not that a few females have not been sniffing around. However one look at Rory and he's starting to think of the future in a whole new way. There is just one catch, she very human and has no idea she has moved smack dab into the middle of where the werewolves roam.


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