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Meet My Muse......

February 22, 2014

Please allow me to introduce my muse..... Lyssa

Most readers that have paid a visit to an author site or watched the chatted on any of the social media sites has heard writer mumble one time or another about their muse.  What is a muse exactly you ask?

Much like the millions of otherworldly creatures (elves, fairies, ...) a muse is the embodiment of a writers inspiration and internal voice. They stir up the ménage of characters running around in the authors head so that they can come to life on the pages.  Muses (like authors) come in a variety of attitudes, voices, and temperaments. It is their mood that guides the words and story.

My own muse, Lyssa, has an attitude and voice all her own and in the weeks to come she plans to become an active contributor to this site and my other social media connections!


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