J.L. Oiler

Paranormal, Romance, SciFy and Horror Short Story Author

Coming Soon

March 16, 2014

Coming April 3rd for Rebel Ink Press


High Tide
Before the world we know rose above the waves, there was another. It is a world of magic, myth, and mayhem with Atlantis as its crown jewel. Ruled by brother’s Kia and Finn, it was a place of i...ndulgence and indifference to the rules of humanity, until they allowed their pride and pleasure to rule them. Too late, they discover their triviality would curse all of Atlantis to an unimaginable fate.
Alana Merrick always felt more at home with sand between her toes than shoes on her feet. Now calling the small islands off the coast of Belize home, she is living her dream. Little does she know the peace and relaxation she finds beneath the waves is about to become very turbulent. As the present and the past collide, Alana may find that there are fates worse than death and the lines between fact and fiction are blurry.
You might never look at Atlantis the same way again…

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