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Paranormal, Romance, SciFy and Horror Short Story Author

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February 14, 2016

Crimson Rush- Now Available

The last thing Aiden expected when he returned home to his position of pack alpha was to find his house crawling with humans. Then again his sister Adriana was always the type to surprise him and this time she might have outdone herself. There among the sweat loud workers an angel sat dressed in a pair of jeans and work belt. Now the only thing he needs to figure out is how to get her to put a little charge in his life and not just in the light switch.

Cassie knew from the start that Harmony was different from other communities, hell over half the place was occupied by werewolves. So she didn’t think twice about taking the electrician job at the home of the pack alpha. It seemed his little sister wanted the place brought into this century before the big male arrived back home. Of course the circuits are not the only thing with the ability to shock her when she gets her first look at Aiden.

Just when things seem to be going their way they must face down some opposition from multiple sides. Can they find common ground with the world flickering around them and step into the promise of something more?

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