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November 9, 2014

Well I have dived into the NANO waters.... a little different for me considering I specialize in short stories and it is considered to be for Novels. I however like to look at things differently so I am doing word count based on 2 new short stories. I'm still not keeping up with the "expected" word count but I'm having fun with it which is the important thing, that and the fact I will hopefully have 2 new pieces in the end. I have even designed a bit for one of them to help my motivation. (see the sexy image for Killing Demons!)

For those of you wondering about my work...well... I must apologies for being slow on the new release part. I am in the final 3rd of a whole house remodel and between that and work I don't get the time I want or need to get serious writing. My characters are really pissed about it too.  We (my husband and I) are hoping to have it wrapped up and back into the house (we've been crashing at the in-laws since August) before Christmas. SO fingers crossed I can get some new stuff out for 2015!!

I do have a rerelease coming...Four Beneath the Mistletoe will be released by Rebel in Dec. It was originally out with Silver but did not do great so I'm hoping it gets a second chance at life!



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