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October 27, 2014

Well anyone who talks to me for ten seconds knows I can’t work on a single WIP at a time. As of this moment my folder contains 3 pieces with 5-10K words, 2 pieces with 3-5K, and 2 with about 1000. What can I say; it’s crowded in my head.

One of my favorite current works is currently untitled. It takes place in an alternate world and follows Nara, a once human (now part werewolf) battle fighter and her self-conflict to lay the blame of her current fate on those who truly deserve it. 

My struggle with this piece is in ensuring I have truly given readers a dynamic environment that they can both feel and see as they read it. That and not making my editor grumble over commas!

Here is a sneak peek, but remember it’s still rough and unedited…..

Lightning lit the sky and rain soaked her to the bone as she finally reached the gates of Haden City. Nodding to the guard as he came forward to check her papers and open the gate she smiled slightly as she heard him speak to the other man stationed with him. She was glad the flash of light had cloaked her in a pale ghostly glow already stirring whispers. Fear was a very powerful tool and one she’d learned to wield very well in her solitude.

“Hell has sent their own to this battle, perhaps we are all damned.”

Her horse continued the grueling walk through the wet sludge that passed once for streets, the large stallion seemingly sighing with relief as they reached the stables. Already nearly all the stalls were taken, as she led him into the last remaining one and paid the man running it for both the use of the tiny space and grain and hay to keep her only companion comfortable.

As for the other stories hiding out in my folder, Gargoyles Girl is the one with the pressing deadline. You can look for its release in November. It is a Paranormal Ménage story that I think my readers will enjoy.  As you might have guessed from the title is has a pair of sexy male gargoyles and one audacious female raver that team up to save the world from a new breed of hell spawned demons.

Now if I could just get all the voices in my head to cooperate and my muse Lyssa to stop encouraging the chaos I might get things done.

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