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August 23, 2014

Wow I am so sorry that I have fallen a bit behind on here.

It has been a crazy summer to say the least. I have taken classes, started a whole house renovation, and had some personal tragedy.  Now with any luck that is all behind me!

So what's New???

  • Several new title releases
  • New cover art
  • A new joint venture
  • New WIPs



Crimson Alliance:

Since the death of her mother at a very young age, Torn has always felt unwanted and out of place in a werewolf society that places you at the bottom of the pack regardless of your heritage. It also makes her a great pawn for being traded to any wolf in need of a mate in exchange for whatever her grandfather might decide he wants or needs. Wanting no part of that, Torn has decided to make a run for it. Too bad she was a day late in getting started. Now she has two of the sexist twins she has ever seen eyeing her as a potential mate.

James and Josh are destined to be co-alphas of their clan back in Georgia, but their true destiny lays with the dark haired female with blue eyes and a jagged scar running down one side of her face. From the moment they see their intended female, both know coming for her at the request of the Alpha was the best move they’d ever made. Now they just need to convince her of it.

The road back to the red clay of Georgia and to a family Torn never knew she had is bound to be a hard one, especially when someone else has the pair of hot twins in their sights and a group of werewolf hunters seems to always be just around the corner.



Crimson Hunter:

Ethan Bright is a rogue werewolf out to find the alpha female who's not only strong enough to satisfy his desire for love, but who will help him reestablish his pack. One glimpse of Rosy O’Donly and he’s certain he's found her. But there are a few problems with his plan. To start with, she's part of the Hunters, an organization whose sole mission is to wipe his kind off the face of the earth. Secondly, there's the issue of her stalking coworker, clearly he isn't what he seems.

Rosy has some issues of her own that Ethan makes all too real. Never knowing what it’s like to have a real family, friends, or something to truly call her own, he's the one person who makes the life she's always wanted seem like a real possibility. Of course she has to be willing to leave behind everything and everyone she's ever known.  Even if they can make it work, it might not matter.  Her leaving won't be that easy. 



Zombie Bait 2:

 It’s been a year now since the zombies overran the world and laid ruin to life as we know it. Now just as mankind once again sees the opportunity to regain a foothold, a new nightmare arises as a large number of the undead are undergoing a terrible metamorphosis. Can a former marine now spending his days as part of the reigning military survivalist rescue the woman who saved him from certain death and perhaps find a little room in her heart?

Tory had accepted the idea of being alone long ago. It was easier not to make connections and risk the pain of loss. When a whimper and scratch at her small shelter door lands a marine and his k9 partner in her lap, she might need to rethink that plan and help find a way to battle to the cities only remaining stronghold for humans before they all become zombie bait.

 Watch for covers and other Info SOON!!



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